Jewelry Road Trip: Maloy’s in Portland, OR

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Maloy’s is a hidden gem amongst Portland, Oregon which has been sitting pretty on 10th Avenue now for 28 years.  With the opening of the store in 1986 came great risk, along with an even greater passion!  It is this passion for jewelry and handcrafted design that has kept the business thriving.  Owner Shan first began making jewelry in high school.  His love for design and his special skills led him to Australia even Hawaii, making jewelry in a “mass-produced” environment.  He followed his heart and focused on honing his skills, which brought him back to his hometown.  It was then he decided to open up his own store, with the vision of specializing in handmade, custom pieces along with an inventory of antique & estate jewelry.  

Today the shop boasts nine craftspeople and designers, who are each as passionate as store owner Shan. Gem Gossip is excited to have all these amazing photos taken especially for my readers!  Such incredible antique and estate pieces from Maloy’s…special thanks to Jen for capturing these shots.  And of course, we can’t forget Ned, the store dog. He is part Scottie part Poodle, which means he is a Scoodle!  How cute!  Would love to visit the store one day, in the meantime, it has been added to my Jewelry Road Trip Map! 

>> Maloy’s has a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page!  


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Antique Shopping Destination: Ruby Lane



I’ve been shopping on Ruby Lane since 2008, although the company first began back in 1998.  My first experience with the site catered to my collecting spirit, and helped feed my desire to continue my hunt for a good deal on antique and estate jewelry!  The website allows you to easily contact Shop Owners and create a dialog between buyer and seller, just as if you had walked into a real store.  Ruby Lane is the world’s largest marketplace where vintage and antique collectibles are showcased, with over 200k items listed under the Jewelry category!  Items are added everyday from sellers across the globe!

Below are a few of my favorite shops:


robbinsroost 3345.1L 2394.1L

From Robbins’ Roost, located in Nashville, TN specializing in Georgian and Victorian jewelry as well as English smalls.  With buying trips frequently to England, she offers some amazingly unique pieces!

15k yellow gold, Turquoise, Citrine, and Pearl Earrings, Victorian $ 950

Mourning Jewelry, Memorial ring with Black Enamel, 18k Rose Diamond & Pearl ring $ 750

jewelryfinds Ring-584.1L ring-486.1L

From Jewelry Finds, located in Maryland and curated by Ashley who says “Something Old, Something New, Something YOU!”

Exquisite Edwardian Sapphire, Pearl & Old Mine Cut Diamond Cocktail Ring 14k $ 3299

Flawless Colorful Green Tourmaline, Opal & Diamond Ring 18k $ 2450

circa1700 RL000164.1L RL000174.1L

From Circa1700 located in California where collecting and hunting down treasures for the shop is Susan’s specialty!  She loves converting antique findings and stick pins into wearable necklaces and rings, which are all extremely unique.

Edwardian Enamel Shield Necklace 10k & 14k $ 395 Exquisite 3 Carat Victorian Marquise Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring 14k $ 2895

redswallow 0107.1L.jpg 0063.1L.jpg

From Red Swallow Antiques located in Virginia, where an eclectic mix of jewelry is offered.  

Edwardian One carat total Rose Gold Diamond Ring $ 1750

Edwardian Beauty: Sapphire and Pearl Gold and Platinum Pendant $ 1375


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A Real Gem – Joopy Gems

I decided last week that I was going to start making rings to sell. I’ve made a few for myself but so far have shied away from making them because of the possible size problem. By that I mean sending a ring off only for the buyer to contact me to say it’s great but it’s a bit too big/too small can you resize it? Making to order in the size the buyer asks for should hopefully make this a fairly rare occurance (I hope!) 
I’m going to start with stacking rings – plain and with gemstone cabochons as they seem very popular. I do have a lot of smooth cabs but after closer inspection I found a lot of them are a bit rough in places or even scratched. The saying “you get what you pay for” definitely rings true with cabochons! I’ve decided for my own sake and the sake of my jewellery it’s worth spending more on stones to get the quality I would expect if I was buying handmade jewellery myself. There’s nothing wrong with buying cabs in bulk for low prices but if half of them aren’t useable it doesn’t make much sense really.
After a bit of research I fell in love with rose cut cabochons so the next step was to find a supplier. Rose cuts are cabs that are flat on the bottom and faceted on the top. As usual finding something a bit different is virtually impossible in the UK at the mo, Kernowcraft sell a limited selection but one of the best sources I’ve found is Joopy Gems. You can also find them on Etsy.

Joopy Gems is run by Brit Julia Aufenast. Based in Hong Kong Julia specialises in rose cut and faceted cabochons as well as smooth cabochons, faceted gemstones and a large range of pearls. What’s nice to know is that Julia sources and selects all of the stones herself, seeing the stones in the rough before they are cut. The quality is high and the prices are reasonable. All the photos here are from the website and as you can see the cabs look lovely! I asked Julia if it was ok to do a blog post about her website and she was very happy for me to do so. She told me she has family in West Sussex and also here in Eastbourne so it really is a very small world!
I spent quite a long time deciding what I was going to buy as there is a lot to choose from. The prices are more than I’ve paid for cabs previously but the quality and choice make it worth it in my opinion. In the end I went for 6mm rose cut cabs in labradorite, prehnite, almandite garnet, amethyst, carnelian and blue chalcedony. A nice rang of colours but there were so many other stones I loved which will have to wait for next time! I did get 10% off my first order which helped too. I’ll probably get clobbered for VAT by customs (about £14 according to their online calculator) but it will still make the total cost for each cab reasonable. The postage from Hong Kong was under £4 too which was a pleasant surprise.
15% off your first order!
So……have you fallen in love with these beautiful gemstones like I did? If so and you want to order some of these lovelies for yourself how does 15% off your first order sound?
The link will take you to a discount code to use when you place your first order – lovely!
I’m eagerly awaiting my first order and as soon as I’ve made some rings using the cabs I will write a post. I’m so keen for the cabs to arrive I’ve already made the ring bands!
And here just for the sake of it some more lovely gemstone and pearl photos…….

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berganzalondonjpeg necessaryexcess2 bellflowerbay artelier_mx anitakojewelry 10543490123_20bd3718f4_h saraweinstockjewelry lovegold jessicamccormack

{from top to bottom:

Berganza London trying on trays and trays of gorgeous Art Deco and Edwardian rings

NecessaryExcess snapped this awesome picture of JuneJewelry and her amazing stacks

BellFlower Bay zooming in on a personal favorite from her collection

Artelier_mx shows how bezel set garnets can look chic and modern

Anita Ko Jewelry with a ring for every finger…so good!

GEM-A-PORTER wearing Pippa Small and quite possibly the coolest combo ever

Sara Weinstock Jewelry has me green with envy with her Elongated French Lace ring

LoveGold spending some quality time with Boucheron

Jessica McCormack creates the perfect rings, love these diamonds}

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Lost in the post!

Well, this is awkward.

lost in the post

Someone took care to post me something, but when it arrived, the envelope was open at both ends, and empty!

Do you recognise this writing? Was this from you?

Unfortunately, there is no return address on the back, so I have no way of tracing the sender. If you think I should have been doing something for you, and I haven’t, please let me know. I am not ignoring you, honest!

Rachel x

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Gold Estate Jewelry Celebrating the Year of the Horse #LoveGold

horsehand ORG31286392315_1 XXX_210_1366472195_1 m730628778_1024x1024 $  _3

Last week marked an end to the Year of the Snake, with a new beginning in the Chinese New Year Zodiac with the Year of the Horse.  If last year’s abundance and popularity of snake motif jewelry is any indication, be on the lookout for lots of horse and equestrian themed baubles!  Of course there are several new designer pieces out there, but I like to look back on antique and vintage pieces that featured this animal, making them timeless even up to today.  

I’m not exactly sure when horse-themed jewelry came into existence, but I’ve seen pieces dating back to the Georgian Era of jewelry.  Carrying into the Victorian Era, lots of horseshoe pieces sprung up, including horseshoes made of gold, turquoise, pearl, agate, and onyx or jet. With horses/horseshoes being still popular today in jewelry, it doesn’t matter if you are a horse enthusiast or never rode a horse a day in your life, this theme is here to stay!

Pictured on my hand:

14k yellow gold diamond horseshoe ring

14k yellow gold diamond and sapphire horseshoe ring, with center diamond

14k yellow gold sapphire horse stirrup ring

14k yellow gold horse head and tail ring

Above pieces:

Boucheron 18k yellow gold horse brooch circa 1940s from Hollis Reh & Shariff via 1stdibs

Gay Frères 18k yellow gold & horn horse choker circa 1980s from Pampillonia via 1stdibs

Victorian 15k yellow gold turquoise horseshoe bangle bracelet from A. Brandt & Son

Gucci 18k yellow gold Chiodo Horsebit Nail ring from Gray & Sons


This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold



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Rings And Gems!

I posted last week about Joopy Gems and the order of pretty 6mm rose cut cabochons I was eagerly waiting for. Well they arrived last Friday, which is pretty good going considering they were posted in Hong Kong on the Monday. And I didn’t have to pay any VAT on them which was even better!

I was really impressed with the quality of the cabs and the faceted top side makes them sparkle nicely in the light. I got to work making rings with them that I’m going to start selling made to order. They do look very pretty so I’m just going to have to make myself a couple! I’m planning to add some plain textured silver stacking rings too so they can be mixed and matched with the gemstone rings.

I also made a couple of twist rings using thin strips of silver and copper to make stylised roses (use your imagination!) I think I’ll just make these in particular sizes to start with rather than made to order…… but that may change!

I bought myself a proper ring mandrel too. I had been using an aluminium UK ring sizer not realising it wasn’t a proper ring mandrel. I don’t know how I thought it was as it’s shorter and not as hard as steel so it’s looking pretty sorry for itself now. You can see the shiny new steel version in the ring photo above. So there’ll be no stopping me now :D
If you would like a 15% discount off your first order from Joopy Gems this link
will take you to a discount code that you can use with your order. I’m going to place another order with them very soon!

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Etched Copper Pendants with Enamel and Turquoise

I recently finished two copper pendants that had been waiting on the sidelines for quite a time while I finished some other orders. I’d managed to cut them out and file and sand the edges then some findings orders arrived and they were return to the “to do” pile. But at last earlier this week I managed to finish them!

I used a mendhi style stamp I got from Hobbycraft for a £1 with Stayz On ink to stamp the design onto the copper then etched for about an hour. I love these type of detailed designs. My ferric chloride was on it’s last legs and took longer than usual – it would normally take about 40-45 mins to get the light etched look that I prefer.
*Tip!* If you’re planning to use stamps for etching I’ve found the fine line designs work and look better than the thicker line ones.
I then sawed around the edge of the design, filed and sanded and made the bails. Strangely enough I have never made a bail like this before. I’ve made hidden bails and p shaped ones but not the type that solders to both sides of the pendant. I really like the look of it with this type of pendant and you can decorate them anyway you want by hammering, stamping or etching. I soldered the bail on first then the silver ball and the bezel last.

I’d made the pink enamel “cabochon” a while ago and hadn’t got round to using it for anything else and the colour looked ok with the oxidized copper so at last it was given a home. I made turquoise version too. I say “turquoise” but the cab isn’t real turquoise but some kind of stabilized (what does that mean?) or composite material dyed to look like turquoise. It still looks nice though :D

Making this type of bail has given me ideas for extending the front section to form part of the design on a pendant, maybe using contrasting metals or textures. Definitely an idea for my sketch book for a later date.

I’m currently working on some more enamel pendants with pierced out heart designs that I really enjoyed doing which obviously means someone has taken over my brain. I used to absolutely hate sawing metal and now I actually look forward to doing it. Whoever has taken over my sawing brain still breaks blades though…………..
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5 Ways to Engrave

Engraving is a technique that has been in use since the 5th century BC. In ancient Greece, objects were engraved with scenes from popular mythology whilst the Middle Ages saw the use of more heraldic emblems such as signet rings. … Continue reading
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Explore the World of Holistic Aura of Chakra Jewelry

The Chakra jewellery and even buying Chakra crystals is becoming immensely popular with the growing awareness among people about the significance of such ornaments on the health and mind. Chakra yoga art is widely practiced by people worldwide to generate an aura of positive energy. Over the past few years, there has been an inclination of the masses towards the chakra yoga practices to raise the power of the chakras in the body to generate a flow of positive energy in the mind and the body. The most exquisite factor why people are getting more inclined to the Chakra jewellery pieces is the brilliance of the designs on this contemporary ornament piece. Designers are constantly experimenting with various forms of jewellery designing that can raise the power of these pieces in the wardrobe to bring energy and fortune to your life so that you get the fruits of all the hard work leveraged in your field of activity.

The jewellery designers for quite a long time have been designing Chakra ornaments like pendants, bangles, earrings and much more. The astrologers and spiritual preachers of the opinion that wearing these jewellery items increase the power of the mind and the body manifold that helps you to get the optimum benefits out of your Chakra yoga and lifestyle practices. Wearing a Chakra band on your hand is not only beautiful to look at but carries the vibes of healing power that soothes the mind and the body. In this age of hasty lifestyle and immense stressful condition of the mind, these holistic pieces of jewellery and the path of Chakra yoga has emerged as a major savior for the mankind.

Many astrologers even suggest the use of gemstones on Chakra jewellery. Hence, you can have rubies, diamonds, pearls, emeralds and what not designed on your favorite jewellery pieces. Gemstones for long have been believed to bring fortunes back to the life not only by the astrologers in countries like India, but it is now becoming a practice in many countries. When everything around is going wrong, the gemstones are said to attract the positivistic elements and goodness around with the lives setting things right. This is more a matter of belief that boosts confidence to the person energizing him to face the challenges of life. However, before using these powerful gemstones, it is very important to consult an astrologer to get the right set of stones as these stones are very powerful and subject to suitability factors.

Now you can get Chakra jewellery online with loads of cool collections at unbelievable prices. This is even easier for the customers seeking to buy fabulous Chakra bangles, wristlets, pendants, earrings and other pieces. Many companies offer free shipping so you save the money on traveling expenses for visiting a far off shop and getting your products. Simply take out time to search for the designs you desire to buy and place the order. Your Chakra jewellery will be dropped on the doorstep. So relax, take a fresh breath and of course, keep shopping for your Chakra jewellery