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Cindy Crawford flies in to London to open the latest Omega boutique on Oxford Strteet

Omega's longest-standing ambassador Cindy Crawford was in London last week to open the Swiss watch house's newest boutique.
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Counting down to Christmas …

It’s that count down to Christmas, and I have important ordering and stock information, and some pictures of the Country Living Fair in Harrogate.

Now that I am back from the show I have plenty of spare stock so to make things simple I have made a collection with all the jewellery I have ready made. You can find it on the front page of the my website, or you can go directly to it here:

Jewellery In stock for Christmas

If you order anything from this collection, I will send it out within 1-2 days, which is great piece of mind.

To allow me to clear orders in time I have made my last order Wednesday 17th December, and my last posting dates are as follows:

Jewellery, Cards, Notebooks

Asia, New Zealand, Australia Monday 1st December
Eastern Europe, Canada Thursday 4th December
USA & Western Europe Tuesday 9th December
UK Thursday 18th December

All Pictures, Tablet Cases, Phone Cases

UK only Tuesday 16th December

I will be having a shut down over the Christmas period, so I won’t be posting orders between 20th December ~ 14th January.

Don’t worry, though, you can still order as normal just bear in mind that I will be back in the studio to work on orders from the 14th, and will need to catch up during that week. I know some of you like to come back and shop with your Christmas money and Rachel Lucie gift certificates over the holidays!

So, I’m back from the Country Living Fair, and it was a great show.

My stand came together and looked how I wanted, and set up day was easier than normal, because lovely friends were able to have the kids for longer, allowing Gary to stay and help out.

rachel lucie at country living harrogate 2014 1

rachel lucie at country living harrogate 2014

And I had a great time meeting so many interested members of the public and quite a few return customers who popped by to buy something new and say hello.

I spotted a fair few great Christmas jumpers, too!


rachel lucie at country living harrogate 2014 2


This lovely lady came back to see me for the 3rd year running, and she was wearing the jewellery she bought from me last year, which totally made my day.


rachel lucie at country living harrogate 2014 5

rachel lucie at country living harrogate 2014 3

rachel lucie at country living harrogate 2014 4My theme of using a mid grey colour for all the display pieces worked really well because it tied all the different pieces together. The thing I am most proud of is repurposing one of my stand up boards that you can see here and turning it into a card and phone cover stand.


rachel+lucie+handmade+silver+jewellery stall


Here you can see it painted with its small shelves.


rachel lucie stall display


I have new designs that I made for the show that I will do my best to get onto the website in time for Christmas orders. However, I came home to 31 outstanding orders after the show which I am working through as fast as I can, so it may be New Year before I can add them – watch this space!


Rachel x

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Today GEM-A-PORTER reviews a stunning Lizzie Fortunato Birds of Paradise necklace in collaboration with Valery Demure. This necklace is very …

Marrakech Jewellery



My Marrakech necklace and earrings have been a firm favourite for a good while now. I don’t make many designs in the orange spectrum, as I’m not really a hot person, but Marrakech was born when I speculatively ordered some crackled orange agate beads one day and I do really like them.





Now, to update things a little, for this design which I am just not ready to retire, I have swapped the bead for a new dyed orange agate one that has large gorgeous facets and beautiful marbling. For those who like to know this kind of thing, I was particularly attracted to them because of the unusual facets. I must ask my son which polygon they are (10 sided – decohedron?).




I hope you like the new twist to this spicy hot design!

Rachel x

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Gift ideas for women: Christmas video of our favourite rings under £4000

A statement ring makes the perfect present and the good news is it doesn't have to cost the earth – we have picked out the five best rings under £4,000.
The Jewellery Editor

The Ultimate Ring Wish List #LoveGold


This year, my holiday gift guide came in a different form–a hashtag, which became incredibly fun to procure each morning.  It became a game, where suddenly I held a magic genie lamp and got to wish for a gold ring upon waking up.  I made sure to pick rings that I truly would want, and then I posted them on Instagram, with the hashtag #gemgossipwishlist …I have been doing this since October and have compiled quite the ultimate list!  I will continue to do this until Christmas, however here is a round up of all the gold rings up until a couple days ago that have been featured:

18k yellow gold Memphis Chevron enamel ring by Alice Cicolini

18k rose gold Sonny Gold ring by Spinelli Kilcollin 

14k rose gold smokey quartz and sapphire navette ring by Arik Kastan for Anthropologie

18k yellow gold Hawthorn ring by Shaun Leane

14k yellow gold ring THREE by Gem Gossip Jewelry

14k yellow gold Mini Ella Twist ring by Ilana Ariel Jewelry

14k yellow gold Wave ring by The Heart Department

18k yellow gold Boulder Opal Ellipse Twist ring by Brooke Gregson

14k yellow gold Eclipse ring by Uma K

14k yellow gold sapphire evil eye ring by Kismet by Milka

18k yellow gold Blood Red ring set with ruby and red lacquer by Solange Azagury-Partridge

14k yellow gold Amina buckle ring by Workhorse Jewels

14k rose, yellow & white gold Bloom Petal stacking rings by Sandy Leong Jewelry

14k yellow gold Scarlett ring set with a faceted onyx by Katie Diamond Jewelry

18k yellow gold World ring by Artelier MX

14k yellow gold Tourmaline and Chrysoprase cuff ring by Melissa Joy Manning available at Greenwich Jewelers

18k yellow gold Le Cage Champagne ring by Coléoptère exclusive to Stone & Strand

10k yellow gold Lapis ring by The Mania Mania available at Love Adorned

18k yellow gold Fluid ring by Fernando Jorge

14k yellow gold Link ring by Kiel Mead

18k rose gold black diamond horsebit ring by Gucci available at Levinson Jewelers

14k yellow gold diamond crown ring with boulder opal by Michelle Fantaci

14k yellow gold Lindsay Allison cocktail ring set with abalone and diamonds by Dana Rebecca Designs

14k yellow gold Nefertiti ring with green tourmaline by Daniela Villegas

18k yellow gold Mini Octo ring with emerald by Holly Dyment

18k yellow, rose and white gold black enamel bands by HOORSENBUHS

14k yellow gold Caillou diamond slice ring by Vale Jewelry

14k yellow gold Eye Piercing ring with pearl by Delfina Delettrez 

14k yellow gold Lace Crown ring & Beaded Crown ring by Grace Lee Designs

14k yellow gold Rainbow South Sea Pearl ring by Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

18k yellow gold Moonstone Shield ring by Lisa Kim Fine Jewelry

14k yellow gold Flower Seed rings by Blanca Monros Gomez

14k yellow gold malachite and diamond ring by Jacquie Aiche

14k yellow gold Third Eye ring in Onyx and white Agate inlay by Makers Circle



This post was brought to you in collaboration with LoveGold


Gem Gossip

Jazz up your technology!

Finally the penultimate part of my new Art House Collection of nature photography gifts is here, and I’m really pleased to have them up on the website. Yes, just in time for Christmas gift buying, my tablet and smart phone cases are now live.

Basically, there are 4 designs (the same across the Art House range) which are wild garlic, umbellifera, water lily and seed pod, and the cases come in 2 types, a flip case and a slim fit wrap around case, which clips on, with the photo wrapping round the edges.

It has taken a good while longer than I am willing to admit to, but I have them with a drop down menu indicating which types of case are compatible with which of the major type of phones, as not all are available in each. Ta da it’s now done!

Water Lily works really well on technology cases, as it’s bright and vibrant, and gives your phone or tablet plenty of personality. Pictured here is the flip case for the Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle 4 along with the slim clip on case for the Samsung S5, however you can also get them for IPhones, IPads, Nexus and more.




In a monumental oversight on my part, I didn’t get a model of phone that is compatible with these designs – I got an HTC, so although I am counting the days until February when I can get an upgrade, I am not sporting one of these myself. I can personally vouch for the flip cases, though. As I have been developing this idea for over a year, I have a sample of the flip case for my Nexus 7, and after a year of use by the whole family, there are no scratches or sign of wear at all, and the Nexus is still in one piece!






Seed Pod shows enticing slivers of the beautiful seed pod I found in France. I have yet to find out what this plant is, but in the meantime, I love the blue, green and yellow shades, and unusual shapes. You can see the Samsung S5 and IPad 2 slim clip on cases here.


samsung s5 quirky case



You can see how well the important bits of your IPad are still accessible and how snug the fit is here.


unusual ipad cover design


Wild Garlic brings the delicate star-like flowers of the wild ransom to your IPad, Kindle of IPhone. Pictured here is the Kindle Paperwhite flip cover, and IPhone 5C case, but all are available in this design


quirky flower kindle flip cover case

quirky flower kindle flip cover case

unusual iphone flower cover


The Umbellifera range is full of rich lime greens and russets, it makes a striking cover for your technology. You can see the covers for the IPad 2 and IPhone 5C


designer nature ipad cover

designer nature ipad cover

iphone clip on cover

green iphone case


These could make an unusual and artful gift for Christmas. There are other phone and tablets that are compatible with my designs, please get in touch if you are interested and have a different device.

Next we have my cushions arriving very soon – I can’t wait! You can view the current range of Art House gift products here

Rachel x

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Etsy Blog: Sentimental Jewels Worth the Splurge

il_570xN.664882079_4f7w victorian_memory_ring il_570xN.512728771_qdut il_570xN.662103666_gmlw il_570xN.654434046_4i2e il_570xN.651874649_gcrn il_570xN.648387914_8ouj il_570xN.636892524_f3mx il_570xN.604684920_6i64 il_570xN.570740392_ipgs il_570xN.557998296_lo4g il_570xN.518744998_2spu

I was incredibly excited to contribute to Etsy’s blog for the second time! On this occasion I selected some gorgeous antique sentimental rings that I felt would make great and memorable holiday gifts! To read the full article, head over to Etsy’s blog.

Above are the rings I chose to be featured in the article:

Antique flower setting ring with an Old Mine cut diamond, from MSJewelers

Victorian mourning ring with navette shape hair compartment, from ErinAntiques

Antique fede gimmel ring in 18k gold with hearts, from TheDeeps

Victorian Jet ring set with pearls, from Worn2Perfection

Victorian rose cut diamond cluster ring, from ShopFiligree

Black enamel, widow’s mourning ring set with rose cut diamonds, from MagWildwoodsCloset

Victorian black enamel, diamond and pearl mourning ring with inscription, from ErisVintage

Purple enamel flower ring with diamond, from TheEdenCollective

Victorian garnet ring with diamonds set in 9k gold, from HeartofSolidGold

Victorian antique band with inscription and engraved initials, from AgelessHeirlooms

Antique double heart ring set with turquoise and diamonds in 18k gold, from ArtifactVintage

Victorian diamond and turquoise forget-me-not ring, from GADantiques


Gem Gossip

Give her an edible jewellery gift this Christmas courtesy of Shawish

Shawish Genève unveils this year’s most surprising Christmas gift: a jewel wrapped in a delicious chocolate egg.
The Jewellery Editor

Explore the World of Holistic Aura of Chakra Jewelry

The Chakra jewellery and even buying Chakra crystals is becoming immensely popular with the growing awareness among people about the significance of such ornaments on the health and mind. Chakra yoga art is widely practiced by people worldwide to generate an aura of positive energy. Over the past few years, there has been an inclination of the masses towards the chakra yoga practices to raise the power of the chakras in the body to generate a flow of positive energy in the mind and the body. The most exquisite factor why people are getting more inclined to the Chakra jewellery pieces is the brilliance of the designs on this contemporary ornament piece. Designers are constantly experimenting with various forms of jewellery designing that can raise the power of these pieces in the wardrobe to bring energy and fortune to your life so that you get the fruits of all the hard work leveraged in your field of activity.

The jewellery designers for quite a long time have been designing Chakra ornaments like pendants, bangles, earrings and much more. The astrologers and spiritual preachers of the opinion that wearing these jewellery items increase the power of the mind and the body manifold that helps you to get the optimum benefits out of your Chakra yoga and lifestyle practices. Wearing a Chakra band on your hand is not only beautiful to look at but carries the vibes of healing power that soothes the mind and the body. In this age of hasty lifestyle and immense stressful condition of the mind, these holistic pieces of jewellery and the path of Chakra yoga has emerged as a major savior for the mankind.

Many astrologers even suggest the use of gemstones on Chakra jewellery. Hence, you can have rubies, diamonds, pearls, emeralds and what not designed on your favorite jewellery pieces. Gemstones for long have been believed to bring fortunes back to the life not only by the astrologers in countries like India, but it is now becoming a practice in many countries. When everything around is going wrong, the gemstones are said to attract the positivistic elements and goodness around with the lives setting things right. This is more a matter of belief that boosts confidence to the person energizing him to face the challenges of life. However, before using these powerful gemstones, it is very important to consult an astrologer to get the right set of stones as these stones are very powerful and subject to suitability factors.

Now you can get Chakra jewellery online with loads of cool collections at unbelievable prices. This is even easier for the customers seeking to buy fabulous Chakra bangles, wristlets, pendants, earrings and other pieces. Many companies offer free shipping so you save the money on traveling expenses for visiting a far off shop and getting your products. Simply take out time to search for the designs you desire to buy and place the order. Your Chakra jewellery will be dropped on the doorstep. So relax, take a fresh breath and of course, keep shopping for your Chakra jewellery