David Morris jewellery: a decade of the romantic Rose Cut diamond collection

David Morris' Rose-Cut diamond design became a classic overnight as soon as a ring was slipped on the finger of Erin Morris, the wife of Jeremy Morris.
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Rago Arts Jewelry Auction Set for September 12, 2014

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With the auction catalog yet to debut (should be up on August 22nd) I am so excited to give everyone the first look of Rago Arts‘ September auction!  I have been following Rago Arts’ jewelry auctions since 2008, where every December hundreds of incredible lots hit the block in Lambertville, New Jersey, with eager bidders logging on from their computers worldwide. Rago Arts typically has a jewelry sale every December, and since introducing an extra sale in April back in 2011, the success has led to this scheduled sale in September for the first time!  This unprecedented sale should be your opportunity to sign up and bid live if you’ve never attempted before!  It is so easy and so much fun!

How do you sign up?  It’s simple–follow the steps as outlined by Eliane Talec, Chief Administrative Officer at Rago Arts in the video, shown here.  

Some of my favorite lots in the upcoming Unreserved Jewelry, Silver & Coins auction set for September 12th, 2014:

Lot 1: Straight off, the opening lot featuring this late Victorian suite of earrings and matching brooch is to-die-for. The bloomed finish of the 18k yellow gold is exquisite–one of my favorite features of Victorian jewelry. Estimate: $ 400-600

Lot 4: Start your own ring collection by winning this entire lot! Each antique ring is unique, from tourmaline, garnet, sapphire…to banded agate!  Lots of options–keep all, or trade a few…up to you!  Estimate: $ 350-450

Lot 8: Love this Victorian archeological rivival pendant featuring seed pearls and turquoise, circa 1870s. Estimate: $ 400-600

Lot 9: If you love antique heart jewelry, this lot is for you!  A crowned heart ring circa 1840 a size 7, set with foiled backed stones and black & white enameling throughout.  The seed pearl heart pendant is precious too! Estimate: $ 700-900

Lot 17: A charm bracelet, perfect for anyone who has always wanted a charm bracelet and needs a head-start on collecting!  Some of the charms include an Eiffel tower, Viking ship and a horse drawn carriage. Estimate: $ 450-550

Lot 73: A lot of five retro gold and diamond rings–one which resembles my grandmother’s engagement ring!  I think that is why I love this lot so much.  Such a great selection with rings ranging from 14k to 18k, one with a French hallmark. Estimate: $ 800-1200

Lot 100: An Art Deco-style ring with diamonds and sapphires, truly a stand-out piece!  It’s 18k with a platinum-top, typical of the style but with round brilliant cut diamonds, dating it to just 30 years ago.  Estimate: $ 800-1200

Lot 150: The Arts & Crafts Era is one that is so peculiar to me and I love the rarity and style of it.  This turquoise and pearl necklace from that time period is extra special because it is engraved, “Grace from Pearl, August 6th, 1907″ how amazing! Estimate: $ 600-800


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by_couture candylane gemaporterblog jessicaseaton lorimcleanjewelry metiersf sarahswelljewelry stoneandstrand2 susancampbelljewelry

{from top to bottom:

by_couture posting this amazing shot of Nikolaos Koulis Jewelry

candylane showing off some rings from her personal collection 

gemaporterblog wearing covetable Diane Kordas Jewellery rings

jessicaseaton wearing diamonds, turquoise and a signet in the mist

lorimcleanjewelry with a fresh batch of favorites for the shop

metiersf knows how to bring you the best when it comes to turquoise and diamonds

sarahswelljewelry on her beautiful wedding day wearing the sweetest jewels, some are her designs of course

stoneandstrand double trouble–Elena Votsi and Ray Griffiths rings

susancampbelljewelry showing how pink and red are a match made in heaven!}


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New Etched Copper Findings

I decided to put my shops on holiday last Saturday for two weeks which obviously means I’m on holiday too! It’s nice to have a break from made to order findings and bangles and just have time to potter and to relax and think about all the stuff I need to do without having anything that must to be done by a certain date for posting.
I do have lots of things I want to do jewellery and shops/website wise and I am slowly getting round to them. I’m also spending some time doing another thing I enjoy – buying things online! I saw some Ball mason jars on Etsy and just had to have one of them. They were looking so nice as vases, candle containers and painted in pastel colours then sanded for a vintage look that I completely bought into the “I need one but I don’t really know why, they’re just glass jars…but they’re so pretty!” reasoning….. After lots of searching {all part of the fun} I found a UK site called Uberstar.com where you can buy the mason jars in singles for £4.99. And so I bought three of the blue version………..
Photo: Uberstar.com

I haven’t filled them with an artistic arrangement of wild flowers/stuck a tealight in them or painted them with eggshell paint yet. They are just sitting in my shed, but looking very sweet as they do it, waiting for me to have a “I know what I can do with them!” moment…..

Apart from internet shopping I did also get some copper etching done. I was out of etched copper findings in my Etsy shop so I spent a pretty sweaty afternoon in the shed getting annoyed because my black Stazon ink had dried up and the brown one I had was too wet. I left it uncovered in the sun for a while and it’s fine now. The results of my labour in a shed that felt like a sauna it was so hot are in the photo at the top. I used a swirly detailed Indian style stamp on most of the shapes and a leaf design on some copper oval shapes I had which I love the look of :D

Medium and small size etched copper discs

Small leaf shapes with the same Indian pattern stamp design

Handmade copper washers with slightly off centre holes {still good for dangling though!} with the same Indian style design

And my favourites – the leaf stamp design on copper ovals. 
It was nice to get that job done. I have some new earrings designs in the making including some gold {yes gold!} stud earrings and I’m going to do some experimenting with enamelling too.
‘Til next time…..

Cinnamon Jewellery


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Cherish Jewellery – Exclusive!

Now available in Rachel Lucie on Notonthehighstreet is the new Cherish necklace and earrings.

I just loved these little brass leaves when I saw them, and used them with rolled gold, pearls and small sparkling garnets to make a pretty new jewellery set.

These beauties are going to be exclusively on Notonthehighstreet where I am busy updating my shop and adding new products.


cherish necklace

cherish necklace

cherish earrings


The 41cm necklace is finished at the back with 2 little pearls and a spring ring.

back detail of cherish necklace

cherish necklace

cherish necklace

Rachel x

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Orlov jewellery: €4 million ruby and diamond bracelet is the star of Monte Carlo showcase this summer

With a 12 carat oval ruby at its heart, Orlov's €4 million bracelet is an exquisite introduction to the London-based jeweller renowned for its use of colour.
The Jewellery Editor

Ask Gem Gossip, Volume One!

DSCF4260 Untitled Jewellery-in-the-Age-of-Queen-Victoria-buy-book-British-Museum-Press-cmc28191_productlarge Untitled

I’ve decided to add another segment to Gem Gossip after getting LOTS of questions in my inbox and finding it difficult to answer everyone!  Since I love to connect with my readers, I thought it was unfair that I couldn’t find time to answer everyone–so, Ask Gem Gossip was created!  This will allow me to take the necessary time to get back to everyone’s questions, and letting others in on our conversations!  Whenever I post an #AskGemGossip photo on Instagram, you can ask your question in the comment section.  Or you can always fill out the Contact page, with the subject #AskGemGossip…Hope you enjoy!


@taniadundou writes: If you ever see a portrait ring similar to your blindfold lady, I’d be super interested! But maybe you don’t see those in your travels in North America?  Do you have one era that you collect more than others?

Gem Gossip answers: yes!  I rarely come across rings with painted portraits here in the States, that is why when traveling abroad I made sure to buy things that I knew I would never or rarely see here.  That portrait ring was one of them!  I do tend to be infatuated with the Victorian Era more than others, but also love Art Deco.  Lately I’ve been on a 60s/70s kick, loving big bold all-gold designs.


@theoneilovenyc writes: I have way too many questions for this IG post haha, but alas, I’ll ask one.  What is your favorite book on antique jewelry symbolism? I’ve been searching in every direction to find an encyclopedia of such…

Gem Gossip answers: I’m working on a compiled list of all the jewelry books one would need to create a nice library…more on that soon!  But, yes…you’re right, there’s not really a book that focuses solely on jewelry symbolism–there totally should be!  But the book, Jewellery in the Age of Queen Victoria: A Mirror to the World has a chapter called The Language of Jewellery which pertains to symbolism!


@brittchamp3 writes: What is the best place to shop for antique jewelry?

Gem Gossip answers: This is a tough question to narrow it down to one particular place, because I feel like there’s many stores out there I have yet to discover…but the one place I would say would be the World Wide Web!  Sites like eBay, Etsy and Ruby Lane make it easy for a collector to find what they’ve been searching for right from the comfort of their home.  I also recently became a huge fan of live auctions–some of my best finds came from an auction house.  For a list of the best auction houses, click here.


@lisajshuler writes: What is the one piece that got away that you still think about?  I know we insane jewelry lovers all have many, but what is the one that stands out?

Gem Gossip answers: Ughh…I can still remember the day and all that was happening.  It was eBay of course, and the biggest, mossy green emerald and diamond ring had just alerted me on my phone that it was about to end.  I was in the middle of an appraisal for a client and couldn’t really bid.  I remember slyly typing in some ridiculous bid and having to put my phone away immediately after.  I wasn’t able to check my phone until a few hours later, only to see I was outbid and that the ring was more perfect than ever!  


@shopfiligree writes: What are your top 3 favorite pieces from your personal collection?

Gem Gossip answers: My antique engagement ring–my garnet, diamond and enamel ring from Skinner auction house–and my Gram’s gold and glass ring she gave to me.  (pictured above)


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Explore the World of Holistic Aura of Chakra Jewelry

The Chakra jewellery and even buying Chakra crystals is becoming immensely popular with the growing awareness among people about the significance of such ornaments on the health and mind. Chakra yoga art is widely practiced by people worldwide to generate an aura of positive energy. Over the past few years, there has been an inclination of the masses towards the chakra yoga practices to raise the power of the chakras in the body to generate a flow of positive energy in the mind and the body. The most exquisite factor why people are getting more inclined to the Chakra jewellery pieces is the brilliance of the designs on this contemporary ornament piece. Designers are constantly experimenting with various forms of jewellery designing that can raise the power of these pieces in the wardrobe to bring energy and fortune to your life so that you get the fruits of all the hard work leveraged in your field of activity.

The jewellery designers for quite a long time have been designing Chakra ornaments like pendants, bangles, earrings and much more. The astrologers and spiritual preachers of the opinion that wearing these jewellery items increase the power of the mind and the body manifold that helps you to get the optimum benefits out of your Chakra yoga and lifestyle practices. Wearing a Chakra band on your hand is not only beautiful to look at but carries the vibes of healing power that soothes the mind and the body. In this age of hasty lifestyle and immense stressful condition of the mind, these holistic pieces of jewellery and the path of Chakra yoga has emerged as a major savior for the mankind.

Many astrologers even suggest the use of gemstones on Chakra jewellery. Hence, you can have rubies, diamonds, pearls, emeralds and what not designed on your favorite jewellery pieces. Gemstones for long have been believed to bring fortunes back to the life not only by the astrologers in countries like India, but it is now becoming a practice in many countries. When everything around is going wrong, the gemstones are said to attract the positivistic elements and goodness around with the lives setting things right. This is more a matter of belief that boosts confidence to the person energizing him to face the challenges of life. However, before using these powerful gemstones, it is very important to consult an astrologer to get the right set of stones as these stones are very powerful and subject to suitability factors.

Now you can get Chakra jewellery online with loads of cool collections at unbelievable prices. This is even easier for the customers seeking to buy fabulous Chakra bangles, wristlets, pendants, earrings and other pieces. Many companies offer free shipping so you save the money on traveling expenses for visiting a far off shop and getting your products. Simply take out time to search for the designs you desire to buy and place the order. Your Chakra jewellery will be dropped on the doorstep. So relax, take a fresh breath and of course, keep shopping for your Chakra jewellery